6 Potty Training Tips For a Stubborn Puppy

Potty training a stubborn puppy
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Puppies are adorable until they start pooping on your carpet or bed inside your home. A stubborn puppy who isn’t easy to potty train is every dog owner’s worst nightmare and if they aren’t trained early on, will likely get worse over time and make your home stink!

A Puppy that constantly pees and poops inside the home will think that it’s OK to do so, making the training process more difficult, so the sooner you potty train your puppy, the better.

However, don’t worry. No matter how difficult a puppy is to potty train, these six tips will certainly help train your puppy to pee and poop in the right spot!

Potty Training Tips For a Stubborn Puppy

Below are some of our best potty training tips for stubborn puppies.

Find a comfortable place for your puppy to wee and poop

If you want to encourage your Puppy to wee and poop outside then you will need to ensure that they have a comfortable spot for doing so. Nobody wants to relieve themselves in uncomfortable conditions, and one of the many reasons why your puppy won’t pee or poop  outside is because they aren’t comfortable.

So, the first step you need to take is to decide on a comfortable potty spot for your puppy. If there aren’t any suitable places in your garden, then you may need to make one. This could include a small, covered grass area as an example, that is nice to sit and stand on and is covered by any rain showers.

Puppy potty training
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Make sure the potty spot is protected from noise pollution and also the weather. Once your pup has adapted to the new potty spot, they will return to it to relieve themselves and over time, they will realise that inside the home is no place to pee or poop.

Some dog owners struggle to get their puppies to wee and poop outside when it’s training, and some dogs will refuse to go outside as they are afraid of getting wet. It’s best to have a sheltered area in your garden for them to use when it does rain, otherwise, you’ll find yourself outside with them waiting until they do!

Be consistent with your potty training

Once you have decided on a comfortable spot and your puppy also likes it, the next step is consistency. Take your puppy outside every few hours for them to relieve themselves, and whenever they finish their meal or drink lots of water. If they don’t go straight away, wait with them until they do.

Whenever your pup wakes up from a nap, take them outside, as they will very likely need to wee or poop after sleeping and will help establish a routine. The smell of previous excrement’s will compel your pooch to return again and again to the same potty spot.

It’s also recommended to say a command word while encouraging your puppy to relieve themselves, such as “wee wee and poo poo”. In time, when said consistently whenever you take them outside, they will understand what it means. 

Try potty training pads

If your stubborn pup is still one step ahead of you and wouldn’t go to the potty spot of its own accord, you can also use potty training pads.

These pads are loaded with pheromones that act as a natural magnet for your dogs. The best thing about these training pads is that they can be placed anywhere. 

Puppy using training pads
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So, place these pads on your favourite potty spot, and with time, your puppy will learn to go pee and poop on the same spot but without these pads.

These can be used inside the home if needed, however, we wouldn’t suggest relying on these in the longer-term, as it will be very costly (and they smell).

Clean accidents in the home as soon as they happen

Dogs from a young age like to mark their territories through excretions and will consider it their potty spot if the smell is buried deep in the floor.

So, if any accident happens inside the home, don’t forget to give it a full deep clean. Also, make sure the smell is completely gone; otherwise, it may attract your pup again for a second round.

It’s normal for puppies to relieve themselves inside a couple times during the initial training process, but you don’t want them to think that this behaviour is acceptable in the longer-term.

Keep an eye on your puppy

Another thing that many new pet parents fail to do is keep an eye on their pooch during potty breaks. As naughty they are, Puppies like to deviate from their original track and can poop in your house anytime. Stubborn puppies may also attempt to pretend or make it look like they are relieving themselves in the garden and then later pee or poop inside, especially if it’s raining.

Picture of puppy potty training
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So, ensure that the pup is constantly under your surveillance or use a long leash so that the pup always remains under your vision during potty breaks.

Don’t forget to reward your puppy

After a hard struggle, the only thing that matters is ensuring your puppy is properly potty trained. This clearly deserves some appreciation and rewards. 

So, whenever you find your pup eliminating in the right potty spot, don’t forget to shower them with lots of live, and of course, treats!

Puppy rewarded treats
Photo by Nicole Calmet on Unsplash

Rewarding your puppy is a crucial part of the process as this will help them understand that they are doing something good, and in the future, they will continue to please you in the hope that they receive treats. As well as giving them treats, you could try praising them with words such as “good boy” or “good girl” – so they know they are doing an amazing job!

Our conclusion to potty training a stubborn puppy

Potty training takes time, but with dedication and consistency, you will get there. At first, it will be very difficult, as puppies are small minded and very stubborn, so it may seem like an impossible task, but over time, it will get easier.

Just keep at it and make sure to give your puppy plenty of praise and rewards, this will make the process easier and will help signal to your puppy that they are doing a great job. It can roughly take 4-6 months for your puppy to be fully house trained, but for more stubborn puppies, this could take up to a year depending on the breed (some are more stubborn than others).

Good luck potty training!

Potty Training Tips for a Stubborn Puppy by Miniature Friends
  1. Hello, hoping you can help.
    We have a Dachshund and are having no luck with potty training, it’s starting to take a toll on us as we have tried absolutely everything. He’s very stubborn and does what he likes.
    He has peed in the house on many occasions and it just seems like nothing is working in getting him properly trained.
    My friend recently bought a Corgi and they have him potty trained in a matter of weeks, but our Frank is still struggling.
    Is there anything else you would recommend to help potty train our dog? Thanks

    1. Hi Mike!
      How often do you take your Dachshund outside for them to relieve themselves? It’s super important to take them outside often if you them to be potty trained quickly.
      At first, you should be taking them out every hour or so, as they have very weak bladders. Dachshunds are very stubborn, it took 6 months to potty train our Tilly.
      Thanks, Paulina

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