Are Cockapoo’s easy to train?

Cockapoo Training
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The ability to easily train a Cockapoo and in fact, any dog breed, will depend on two major factors, its genetics and the environment that the dog is trained within. This is why you shouldn’t judge the intelligence of any breed without considering its ancestral lineage, as this will influence their ability to learn and grasp new training techniques.

In the case of a Cockapoo, it’s part Poodle and Cocker Spaniel, and both of these breeds are known to be highly intelligent and super athletic dogs, so it’s safe to say that Cockapoos are also deemed very smart dogs too. Cockapoos are considered easier dogs to train compared to other breeds.

Ancestrally, the Cockapoo breed is smart, intelligent, observant, alert and attentive, energetic and playful. But you should know that having frequent social interactions is also one of the factors that get them going. A dog of this temperament should never be left alone for a long time. Otherwise, boredom can easily lead to the development of destructive behaviour, and this will impact the ability to train your Cockapoo as they’ll be very stubborn and unwilling to cooperate. This won’t help you or your Cockapoo and will make the training process more difficult.

Why are Cockapoos easy to train?

Cockapoos have a great reputation and are known to be very friendly, obedient dogs, so they’re great around young families and children.

Below are some reasons why Cockapoos are easy to train:

Cockapoos have a long attention span

Cockapoos are known to have a fairly long attention span of all breeds of dogs. This means that they can stay focused on you while you are training them. Of course, training a dog is only possible

Cockapoos are known to have a fairly long attention span of all breeds of dogs. This means that they can stay focused on you for long periods while you are training them, with minimal distractions. As you’ve probably guessed already, training a dog is only possible when they are looking at you with undivided attention, if there are lots of distractions nearby, they won’t be able to understand and grasp any new training technique that is being introduced by their owner.

Picture of Cockapoo
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Training any dog in a busy environment, like near a roadside or a busy park will not yield any positive result, so it’s important to ensure you and your Cockapoo are alone during the training process.

Cockapoos are intelligent

Cockapoos are known to be very good at reading their owners moods and facial expressions, and like other dogs, they want you to approve of them. So, their aim is to always impress you while watching to see if you are pleased with what they do – and of course, they want a tasty treat too, so don’t forget to reward your Cockapoo if they are responding to your commands well. This will help keep them engaged as much as possible.

Cockapoos are super smart, intelligent, alert and attentive dogs, they are known to be highly obedient dogs that do as they are told and respond well to their owners.

Cockapoos are excitable dogs

Cockapoos are known to be agile and alert dogs. This means that they are always happy and friendly, and love to spend time with their owners. This trait gets them ready for the next task that you may want to assign. You have less work to do when your pet is ready to obey your next instruction. Of course, don’t forget to reward your Cockapoo when they do something right, as this is a key part of any training process and will keep them excited and engaged. They’ll want to continue impressing you so they keep getting that tasty treat!

How long it can take to train a Cockapoo

Training your Cockapoo is never a simple process. Skills are learned after a series of repeating the same action over a length of time. This is how all dog breeds are trained. However, the time it takes to master a particular skill differs from breed to breed and even from dog to dog within the same breed.

Cockapoo being trained
Photo by Joe Caione on Unsplash

Cockapoos are generally known to learn simple obedience tricks within weeks. Of course, the age of the dog when you start the training affects the rate of learning. This is why it is always good to start immediately after you get the puppy. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up if you adopted your dog as an adult, it will just take more time and consistency to train your adult dog. 

Asides from the dog factor, the environment as well as your training and reward skills affect the rate of learning of your pet. Rewarding your Cockapoo throughout the training process is key, as this will help them understand when they are doing a good job and you will get their full attention when you conduct the next trick because they’ll know that they will be rewarded if they do well. Once your Cockapoo is consistent with meeting your demands, you can start to reduce the number of treats and eventually, give them no treat at all.

Benefits of training a Cockapoo

Training your Cockapoo comes with tons of benefits.

Training will help keep your dog safe

First, you will help keep your dog out of danger, especially if you don’t have a fence in your garden. Telling your dog “stop”, “sit”, “stay“, “come”, “leave it”, “fetch”, “lie down“, etc. can prevent a lot of heartache and stress, and these commands can be used to keep your dog safe if there is danger nearby when you’re on a walk, near other dogs or are outside the home.

It will help keep your home clean

Toilet training your Cockapoo will help you to have a clean and wonderful home, as you won’t need to worry about whether your dog is going to pee or poop in the house, and you won’t need to clean up after them. This is a no brainer as nobody wants their home to smell and to be a toilet for their dog, setting the boundaries early and being consistent with your training will help your dog understand that inside the home is no place to relieve themselves.

Lots of dog owners struggle with this part and in some cases, can be the make or break period of whether they decide to keep their puppy long-term, as lots of owners crack under pressure and realise that it’s not as straightforward as they thought. It’s important to be consistent and if you do decide to bring a new puppy home with you, expect there to be accidents until your dog is fully toilet trained.

It can help make your dog more socialable

Dogs are super sociable animals, and the benefit of training a Cockapoo is evident when introducing another pet to your household, or when you’re around other pets with your dog. You’ll want your Cockapoo to be well mannered, disciplined and receptive, all of which can be achieved by training your dog and ensuring that there is leadership and trust established between you both. It’s recommended to socialise your dog when they are a puppy and as they grow older, they’ll have a wealth of experience with being sociable with different dog breeds and social settings.

Tips to help train your Cockapoo

Below are some of our favourite top tips to help train a Cockapoo.

Reward your Cockapoo

It’s important to reward your Cockapoo throughout the training process, as this will help keep them engaged and excited for the next treat, as a result, they will try their best to please you. Don’t forget to mix up the treats! New treats will most certainly grab their attention, keep them engaged as much as possible and keep them excited and willing to learn.

At first, give them lots of treats when they do well, however, after a period of time, once they have grasped the technique, start winding down the treats and give them fewer. You don’t want them to put on weight! After a while, they’ll continue to obey your command without any treats.

Keep it simple at first

If you try and teach your dog difficult training techniques from the get-go, it will make the training process more difficult and it can be very confusing for your dog, as they won’t know how to react and corporate. A great place to start is to teach your dog how to sit, give paw and lie down. Once they tackle these easy techniques, move on to more difficult tricks.

Be consistent

Training any dog will take time and you can’t expect them to learn new tricks overnight, therefore, it’s crucial to be consistent with your training to maximise your success. If you’re teaching your Cockapoo to give its paw, you should continue to do this every day for the next couple of weeks, and over time, it will become a natural habit of theirs and will help them remember.

Be patient

Training a Cockapoo and in fact, any dog can be a stressful process, at first it could feel like you aren’t making any progress, but with consistency and patience, in time, your dog will get the hang of it. To manage expectations, it can take up to two to three weeks for a dog to learn a new trick, but some dogs will grasp training techniques quicker than others.

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