Are Dachshunds easy to train?

Are Dachshunds easy to train?
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Dachshunds are a small, long-bodied breed that is sometimes referred to as a “Sausage”, especially by children. They are super friendly and make an excellent addition to families with children, given their small size and loving nature. However, as Dachshunds are known to be stubborn and have a high temperament, some may question whether or not Dachshunds are easily trainable.

Are Dachshunds easy to train? The answer is yes and with any dog breed, training will take time, however, with a positive and consistent approach, it’s very possible to train your Dachshund to the same standard as any other breed. Adult Dachshunds tend to be more difficult to train than a puppy, given that they are already developed, but progress can be made in the short term if you put the effort and dedication into training your Dachshund.

The most difficult part of training a Dachshund is getting them potty trained and their barking under control. This small breed has a tendency to bark at anything and everything that moves, and this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you if you decide to welcome one to your home. They like to bark at bigger dogs, other animals and people that walk past the window at home, but with consistency and the correct training, this can be stopped or reduced. 

How long does it take to train a Dachshund?

It generally takes several weeks to months to train a Dachshund, and you should expect accidents at first, as with any puppy they will relieve themselves whenever is best for them, even if that means on the carpet in the house, or in the kitchen. This is expected given their lack of realisation of the world and their surroundings but over time, they can be potty trained correctly.

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Dachshunds are very stubborn and are more difficult to train than other breeds of dog, so you should be patient and be willing to put in the time it takes to correctly train them. If you put in the effort and time, it is possible to easily train your Dachshund.

At first, your Dachshund will pick up basic training techniques very quickly as they are very smart, such as teaching them how to sit and lay, as well as their name, but over time, they will easily get the hang of it and be able to move on to more complex training.

When is the best time to train a Dachshund?

We suggest training your Dachshund when they are a puppy, as the training process will become difficult the older they are, especially if they haven’t had any prior training. This is because puppies are new to the world and are very open to learning new things (especially when there are treats!) and playing with you.

Picture of a Dachshund puppy
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Training early on will also help them learn new social skills and become more confident in playing with you and others. If rewarded, they will see this as being a very positive thing, while keeping them entertained at the same time too.

Adult Dachshunds are very stubborn and if they don’t have any interest in learning something new, they may not participate at all.

What is the best way to train a Dachshund?

If there’s something in it for your dog, they’ll be more likely to participate and give you their full attention throughout the training process. This will boost your chances of success.

A great technique is to give your dog lots of praise when they do something well, as dogs respond to the tone of their human’s voice and their body language, so if they suspect that you are happy and positive, this will make them have similar feelings. Along with praise, give them treats and this will keep them even more motivated, as they know that there is a reward. 

Treats will be more effective than praising, but you should use a combination of both for maximum effectiveness.

Over time, as your dog receives more treats, they will want to please you and do as you say in the hope that they continue receiving treats. Once they consistently respond to your training, you can reduce the number of treats.

Are Dachshunds easy to potty train?

Dachshunds are super cute and very friendly dogs, but they are very difficult to potty train and it can take much longer to train one than other breeds. You should always consider potty training your Dachshund puppy as soon as possible, as it becomes more difficult as they age.

Most puppies will be potty trained within a few months, however, there are some Dachshunds that are known to be completely housebroken and don’t respond to any training at all. However, if you are consistent with your approach and take your puppy outside regularly and give them lots of praise and treats for relieving themselves outside, it’s very likely that they will be potty trained within a few weeks to months.

Dachshund being trained
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If your Dachshund isn’t responding to consistent training and you’ve given it at least a year, you will need to consider approaching a dog trainer and leaving your Dachshund in a crate while are you asleep or outside the house, so you can reduce the mess that they cause. However, if you are struggling to see any light at the end of the tunnel, every dog can be potty trained eventually with the correct techniques.

Conclusion: Keep your training consistent and make sure you spend the time and effort to properly train your Dachshund, as unfortunately, there’s no quick solution to training a dog and you get what you put in. Make sure to give your dog lots of praise and rewards to keep them engaged throughout the process, and make sure to keep the training fresh and fun. 

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