Are Pomeranians good with cats?

Are Pomeranians good with cats?
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Pomeranians are cute, cuddly and super affectionate dogs, however, are Pomeranians good with cats? If you’re thinking about introducing a cat to your home, alongside a Pomeranian, then you’ll need to know what to expect.

Many people like a particular type of pet, whether it’s a cat, dog or even a rabbit, and some people are pleased with being a dog person and others like to be a cat person. Everyone has a different preference when it comes to pets. However, one challenge that most people face when introducing a new pet into their home, is whether the existing pet will accept the new pet. That’s why those that own a Pomeranian often worry about getting a cat to join the family, as they don’t know how they will react.

Are Pomeranians good with cats?

It’s not unusual to think that your dog won’t accept a cat’s presence, considering the territorial nature of dogs and the traditions that have been said about the relationship between both dogs and cats. However, you should know that some dog breeds have different temperaments, and therefore, some dogs will find it easier to live with cats than others.

Some breeds will quite literally live in harmony with any other type of pet, be it a rabbit or a cat. For instance, Pomeranians belong to the toy breed of dogs and are generally raised to be friendly lap-warmers. Over the years, the Pomeranians have grown to love and be less aggressive. However, you should certainly do your homework before introducing a Pomeranian to a cat.

Video of a Pomeranian and a cat together!

Here’s a video of a 5 week old Pomeranian getting along with a cat, and nibbling his ears. It’s so cute, you’ll just have to see it for yourself!

Just look at how well they get along, it’s adorable. And the Pomeranian is so tiny compared to the cat. It’s just too cute for words! A good video that shows that both Pomeranians and cats can definitely get along.

Video of a Pomeranian and a cat together

How to introduce your Pomeranian to your cat

The first question to ask before any other one is the question of when. How well your dog relates to other pets depends largely on its age. This is the singular reason why most pet owners are advised to start their dogs when they are still very young.

At this stage, they are still learning to relate to their environments and haven’t developed so much of the usual territory-defending mentality. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot introduce a cat at any age. However, you should be more careful when introducing a cat to your Pomeranian when they are older. You should always be present encase your Pomeranian reacts negatively to the cat.

Picture of Pomeranian
Photo by FLOUFFY on Unsplash

There are cases where Pomeranians take it to the next level of rejection, while there are also cases where they both love each other from first contact. If your Pomeranian gets aggressive at the sight of a new cat, know that it may not necessarily mean they dislike your cat, as it’s a natural reaction to any new pet entering the household. Dogs are very territorial and they don’t like to share their owners love and this could be one of the reasons why they have reacted as they did, but this is where your leadership role comes in as the alpha to the two pets.

What you should do when you introduce your Pomeranian to your cat

Here’s some tips to introduce a Pomeranian to a cat, and to make sure that the introduction goes smoothly:

  • Pick a good time to introduce them
  • Introduce the cat as soon as possible, while your Pomeranian is young
  • Be present at the time of introduction and find a neutral spot
  • Ensure there are no other distractions nearby during the introduction
  • Show love and attention to both pets
  • Give treats to your dog and say positive words like “good girl” or “good boy”
  • Reassure them and give them more attention than usual during the introduction
  • Give each of them a separate bed.
  • Introduce toys slowly
  • Separate both pets while you are away for a period of time

What you shouldn’t do when you introduce your Pomeranian to your cat

Here’s what you shouldn’t do when introducing a Pomeranian to a cat, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals:

  • Don’t force them to interact
  • Don’t let the Pomeranian chase the cat
  • Ignore your Pomeranian.
  • Give more attention and love to the new pet
  • Treat them any differently to how you would before
  • Feed them less or reduce the frequency of treats
  • Don’t give your dogs favourite toy(s) to the cat to share

At first, take it slow and don’t force any engagement between both your Pomeranian and cat, it should be a natural process. Show them both as much love as you can, to begin with, and make clear to your dog that they are doing a great job. Give them lots of praise, rewards and treats and they’ll know that what’s happening is positive. With the right training, a Pomeranian can live with a cat, in fact, dogs can live with rabbits too, as long as they are introduced properly and your dog is well behaved.

Tips to help your Pomeranian get along with a cat

Irrespective of the ages of the dog and cat in question, their first contact should be done under close supervision. Be sure that they both feel comfortable in the environment as much as possible. If you have trained your dog on some simple obedience training, now may be a good time to give firm instructions and rewards at the same time. Putting a see-through barrier is usually beneficial at first as it affords both the privilege of seeing and smelling each other before they finally come in close contact.

Pomeranian with Cat
Photo by Daniel Tuttle on Unsplash

At every point in time, assure and reassure your love to the older roommate by petting and rewarding for accepting the new roommate. It is always good to play with both at the same time, although their toys and games may be different. This will help them to get along easily and play together as well.

Take it slowly at first and give lots of rewards and praise, in time, you can introduce new toys to the mix, however, you should avoid allowing the cat to play with the dog toys, as they may not like this and become protective. Make sure any toys are new.

What to do if your Pomeranian and Cat don’t get along together

Both Pomeranians and cats are very social animals, so they should get along pretty well. But there are times that even the friendliest dogs refuse to accept new roommates. If this happens, don’t give up! You may need to get help from your trainer or a vet. You may have to momentarily re-introduce them under close supervision and then separate them again for a couple of weeks to help them get used to each other’s sight and smell.

If your dog is struggling to get along with your new cat, you may need to seek professional advice, or if you feel uncomfortable with the prospect of your dog potentially hurting the cat, you may need to review the situation altogether. 

However, in most cases, with the right training and patience, your Pomeranian will get along well with a new cat.

What are the benefits of having a cat and a Pomeranian?

There’s a couple of benefits to having both a cat and a Pomeranian (surprisingly!), these are:

Your Pomeranian will chase away any rodents

For one, your Pomeranian will likely chase away any rodents or small animals that the cat may bring into the house – so you’ll have two pets working together to keep your home pest-free.

Your Pomeranian will provide protection for your cat

The Pomeranian will provide a bit of protection for the cat in case any larger animals come into your garden. This could include dogs, foxes or even other cats.

Both pets will keep each other company

If you’re out of the house for long periods of time, then both your cat and Pomeranian will keep each other company. This means that they’ll be less likely to feel bored or depressed when you’re not around.

If you’re someone that works often and isn’t home all the time, it could be a great idea to introduce another pet to the home. This way, they won’t feel lonely while you area away.

You’ll have two different kinds of pets to take care of

If you’re a pet lover, then having both a cat and a Pomeranian will give you two different kinds of animals to take care of! This can be fun and rewarding, as you’ll get to see how each pet interacts with the other, and experience the love and kindness that both type of animals bring.

You’ll have twice the amount of cuddles!

The last and best excuse to get a Pomeranian and a cat – cuddles! Cats and Pomeranians are both known for being affectionate animals, so you can expect to have twice the amount of cuddles when you have both a cat and a Pomeranian. Whether you’re spending time with just one pet or both of them, you’re sure to get plenty of love and attention.

So, there you have it! A few reasons why having a cat and a Pomeranian can be great. If you’re thinking about getting another pet, then perhaps this is the perfect option for you. Give it some thought – you might just be surprised at how well these two animals can get along!

What are the disadvantages to getting a cat and a Pomeranian?

There’s a few disadvantages to having both a cat and Pomeranian as well, these are:

Your Pomeranian may chase your cat

One potential downside is that your Pomeranian may end up chasing your cat around the house – which can be quite annoying for both pets (and for you!). If you think this may be an issue, then it’s important to make sure that you train your Pomeranian not to chase the cat, or keep them separated when you’re not around to supervise.

If your dog chases your new cat, this could result in the cat running away out of fear, and they could even break things around the home in the cat’s haste to escape.

Your Pomeranian may try to eat the cat’s food

Another potential downside is that your Pomeranian may try to eat the cat’s food – so it’s important to feed them both at different times, or oversee mealtimes so that the cat can eat in peace.

Your Pomeranian may bark at the cat

If your Pomeranian is particularly vocal, they may end up barking at the cat a lot – which can be quite annoying (not to mention, it could scare the cat!). If this is something that you’re concerned about, then it may be best to keep them separated when you’re not around, or find a way to stop the Pomeranian from barking (such as training them not to bark, or using a muzzle).

Your Pomeranian may be too small for your cat

Another potential issue is that your Pomeranian may be too small for your cat. If this is the case, then your cat may unintentionally hurt your Pomeranian when they play together – which could be quite dangerous.

So, there are a few potential disadvantages to having both a cat and a Pomeranian. Unfortunately it’s not all smooth sailing when introducing a cat to a home that is occupied by a dog. However, if you’re prepared for these potential issues, then it’s definitely possible for the two animals to live happily together! Just make sure that you provide plenty of love to them both, so they don’t feel left out.

What’s the best age to get a cat for a Pomeranian?

If you’re planning to introduce a cat to the home, then you need to think about the timing carefully. Ideally, you should wait until your Pomeranian is at least a year old – this way, they will be big enough and strong enough to not be hurt by the cat (and vice versa).

You also need to make sure that your Pomeranian is well trained before introducing a cat – otherwise, there’s a risk that they may chase or hurt the new arrival. And of course, it’s important to do your research to make sure that you’re getting a cat that will get along well with dogs.

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