Can My Dog Have Too Many Toys?

Can My Dog Have Too Many Toys?
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Dog toys prove to be excellent gifts that keep them entertained and happy. They will be super excited when you give them the dog toy and it’ll keep them busy for several hours.

As a dog owner, it’s natural for us to want to treat our little dog friends and we will do anything we can to make them as happy as possible, but is there such a thing as having too many dog toys?

Can your dog have too many dog toys?

Excess of anything is bad and the same goes for dog toys. We aren’t saying that toys are inherently bad for dogs and that you shouldn’t ever treat your dog to new and exciting toys, however, you should limit the number of toys that you buy them. 

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You should set a limit to the number of toys that your dog should have at any one time, because if they have too many, their happiness will deteriorate over time and they will become less and less excited each time you give them a new one. The appreciation will slowly evaporate and they will take it for granted. In worst case scenarios, too many dog toys will affect your bonding time, they can start to become arrogant and demand new toys, or not like the ones they already have and want new ones. Put simply, they won’t appreciate what they have if they have to many.

After a while, the happiness created from having new toys will diminish and it will no longer feel like a reward to them, because they are so used to receiving new ones regularly.

Let’s not forget that dog toys aren’t cheap, so it will certainly break the bank and create a financial burden for you.

To many dog toys can diminish the fun over time

Too much of something will diminish the fun and joy over time. The abundance of anything tends to reduce its worth and the same can be said about dogs and their toys. Your dog will undoubtedly treasure their new toy much less than their previous toy simply because it will just be a new addition to their already huge collection of toys.

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This can greatly reduce the amount of pleasure your dog gets after receiving a new toy. This can also make keeping your canine friends happy and satisfied quite a strenuous task. That’s why we think that you should limit the number of toys your dog has and should only buy them a new one once they completely stop playing with their previous toys.

To many dog toys can affect the bonding time with your dog

Too many toys will also mean that your dog will likely spend most of their time playing with their toys. This might sound like a good thing, but owners should never forget that having good quality bonding time with their dog friends is vital. Without this, dogs can become distant and stop respecting their owners. And you really don’t want your dog to do that.

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When dogs are bored, they look to us humans and their toys for entertainment, so if they have to many dog toys, they can easily become distracted and occupy their own time. 

To many dog toys will break the bank

Dog toys don’t come cheap and those available at low rates usually are of subpar quality or have some defects in them. But what most dog owners prefer to do is to buy these cheap toys for their dogs, and in this way, they prefer quantity over quality.

But as explained earlier, dogs don’t really need a lot of toys. These cheap toys tend to break quite easily, making it almost necessary to replace them every month or so, and it can cause a major financial strain on your budget. That’s why we suggest dog owners buy just a few premium quality toys. They will surely last longer, and you will only have to replace them once a year or so.

Can a dog be addicted to a toy?

Yes, dogs can certainly become addicted to a toy and may growl or bark if you try to take it away from them. This is because they have become emotionally attached to the toy, which can be a positive sign, as it shows that they are happy and like spending time with it, but can cause problems for you if you need to take it away before bedtime, or when you require their attention.

On the plus side, if your dog is attached to a specific toy, that could be a sign that they don’t need anymore.

Why does my dog destroy all their toys?

Dogs were bred to hunt and therefore, it’s in their instincts to want to rip apart a toy, so this is common behaviour and you shouldn’t shout or discipline your dog for doing so. 

There could be several reasons for why they destroy their dog toys so easily:

  • The toy is no match for your dog and you should buy better quality toys that will last longer
  • Boredom. If your dog hasn’t got anything to do, or are left  alone for long periods, they will rip apart their toys as a form of entertainment
  • It’s a fun and exciting activity for them
  • Their instincts have taken over and they feel the need to rip apart the toy to satisfy their prey instincts
  • The toy is of poor quality

Destroying toys is a very common behaviour for dogs and you shouldn’t be concerned.

How many toys should a dog have?

As a rule of thumb, we recommend 10 toys in total and this may seem like a lot, especially if they are of a big size, however, it’s important for your dog to have a variety that can be swapped and changed at any time. 

Dog playing with a toy
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If your dog has less than 10 toys you should consider expanding their range, but if they have over 10 toys already, it’s probably a good idea to reduce the frequency in how often you buy toys for them, or wait until they have destroyed a toy before introducing another.

Should I take my dog’s toys away at night?

Yes, you should consider taking your dogs toys away before they go to bed, otherwise, this could distract them and impact their quality of sleep, just like mobile phones and computer devices do to us humans. 

We suggest taking them away 30 minutes before sleep time, so they can wind down, relax and prepare themselves before going to sleep for the night.

If you have crate trained your dog, it wouldn’t hurt to leave their toys in their crate with them while they sleep, they may find comfort in knowing they are nearby. But it will vary from dog to dog – some may get distracted and stay up all night chewing!

Should puppies be given dog toys?

Absolutely! Puppies love to play with toys, as it keeps them engaged, mentally stimulated and entertained, especially when you need them to be on their best behaviour. Your puppy will chew on the toys and this will help them get an understanding of different textures in their mouth, which is crucial for carrying out certain activities, like chewing, eating and playing, and will also help them understand what they can and can’t eat.

You shouldn’t ever stop your puppy from playing with toys, in fact, you should encourage this activity where possible. Puppies that play with toys from a younger age are likely to be more joyful in later life, and find entertainment from fun activities.

However, as puppies are new to the world, they lack common sense and will eat anything they come by, so you should keep a close eye on them to avoid any choking hazards or swallowing of harmful objects. It’s not unusual to come across a puppy that’s chewing on something they shouldn’t be! 

What dog toys are best for puppies?

There’s a wide range of toys you can buy at a pet store, however, for a puppy, their toy should be small with nothing that could cause a choking hazard, like rubber bits on the side, horns, spots, etc. It should be a safe and playful toy.

Below are some popular dog toys for puppies:

  • Balls
  • Kong 
  • Squeaky toys
  • Rings toys
  • Interactive puzzles
  • Teething toys
  • Chew toys

If you aren’t sure what toy is best for you puppy, you should ask a member of a pet store and they will be able to help you choose one. You could even take your puppy in the store and let them choose themselves!

Conclusion: Can a dog have to many toys?

As mentioned in this article, a dog can have too many toys, so it’s important to moderate the amount that they have, and to only introduce new toys as and when needed. You shouldn’t continue buying them toys for the sake of it, as they will become very spoiled and the satisfaction associated with receiving new toys will fade.

To keep your dog excited for their next toy, you should only introduce another when one breaks, or when they have been on super good behaviour!

If you’ve made the mistake of giving them too many toys already, it’s best to let those toys be destroyed until you introduce any more! 

We hope this helps, good luck!

Can a dog have to many toys
Can A Dog Have To Many Toys by Miniature Friends
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