How Fast Can a Border Collie Run?

Photo of Border Collie running
Photo by Joséphine Menge on Unsplash

Border Collies are typically known to be herding dogs, therefore, they need to be fast to be able to catch and herd farm animals. They are a very fast, loyal, intelligent and easily trainable breed, for this reason they make excellent family dogs, as well as farm dogs too as they have a strong work ethic.

Border Collies are able to run up to 30 miles per hour, hence why they are known for their impressive speeds and agility.

This breed is very smart and has a fantastic “can do ” attitude, so if you’re planning to introduce a disciplined dog breed into your home to help herd and chase animals, then the Border Collie could be the one for you, as they are a very fast dog breed. If you aren’t a farmer, they always make great loving running dogs too!

Border Collies running speed

The running speed of a Border Collie is very impressive.

A Border Collie is able to run up to speed of 20-30 miles per hour, with 30 miles per hour typically being the maximum, but there are certain cases of Collies being able to run over this limit.

Miniature Friends
A Border Collie is able to run up to speed of 20-30 miles per hour, with 30 miles per hour typically being the maximum, but there are certain cases of Collies being able to run over this limit.
Border Collies running speed by Miniature Friends

To put this into perspective for you, the average male human can run up to a speed of 8 mph, but Usain Bolt, the fastest runner on earth, is able to run up to a speed of 27.33 miles per hour at his best. That’s three times the speed of a normal male, and the Border Collie is still able to run faster.

So, if you are hoping to outrun a Border Collie on the beach, you may need to think twice!

They are able to keep up with the speed of a Great Dane and German Shepherd, two other very fast breeds that are known for their superior agility and stamina.

Below is a video of a Border Collie running 26 miles per hour on a public road, posted by windyhillabby on YouTube. This helps put into perspective the impressive speed that this breed can run achieve.

Are Border Collies good for running?

Yes, Border Collies are known to be excellent running dogs, due to their agility, stamina and high energy levels.

If you are someone that likes to run, stay active and enjoy the outside world, then a Border Collie could be an excellent choice for you. They are a very loyal, disciplined dog breed that can be easily trained to listen to commands, and obey their owner.

As with all dogs, remember to take breaks and allow them to rest to recover their energy, and don’t over-do it.

Border Collies require a significant amount of exercise to stay in shape and be healthy, and given their energy levels, they like to let off steam and run long distances. This is why they make such great herding dogs, as this gives them the opportunity to release that energy. 

Here’s a video of a Border Collie herding sheep by Terry Fein – notice the impressive running speed as it approaches them, very quick and stealthy. This breed was bred to run!

If you are someone that doesn’t like to, or isn’t able to exercise often, then a Border Collie is not the breed for you. They need a minimum of two hours of exercise a day.

How far can a Border Collie run?

Border Collies love to run and let off steam and for this reason, they are considered great runners. They posses athletic bodies, with superior energy and stamina that allows them to run for long distances.

Border Collie preparing to run
Photo by Lukas Ruzicka on Unsplash

A short distanced 15 minute run is equivalent to a 35 minute walk, so running is encouraged where possible to let this breed let off steam and stretch their muscles. However, they are known to be able to cover distances of up to 50 miles per day. But this is an extreme example and most Border Collies can run between 10 and 15 miles per day.

Characteristics of a Border Collie

Border Collies are a wonderful breed known for their beautiful eyes and intense stare, as well as their ability to herd and control sheep. This makes them an ideal farmers dog as they are fast, fearless and have a strong work ethic. The Border Collie was bred to primarily control sheep, however, over time, have become very loyal family dogs too, but are still used to herd sheep on farmers’ lead across the world.

Collies are a very disciplined dog breed that have a high working drive and like to please their owners, this makes them a superior herding dog that will always do their best to please. They are known to respond to commands well, and are very open to being trained, whether that’s basic training like learning their name, laying down, stay, or sit, through to more complex commands.

How fast can a Border Collie run by Miniature Friends
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