How fast can a Boxer run?

How fast can a Boxer run?
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Boxer is a very popular dog breed that belongs to the working group of dogs. The Boxer breed is described as bright, fun, loving and very athletic by the American Kennel Club, and is a suitable breed for anyone that loves to keep active.

However, you may have asked yourself the question of how fast can a boxer run at some point, as they are known to be super active and very athletic, and luckily you for, we cover everything you need to know in this article.

Let’s get straight to the initial question and answer how fast can a boxer run.

The modern-day Boxer can run between 38 to 45 miles per hour at their best, making this one of the fastest known dog breeds on earth.

Miniature Friends

The modern-day Boxer can run between 38 to 45 miles per hour making this super athletic breed one of the fastest known on earth – and this may come as a surprise to most, as it’s very quick, but the reason for this fast speed is the years of careful breeding that resulted in Boxers having a highly robust and muscular figure.

Infographic: The modern-day Boxer can run between 38 to 45 miles per hour, making this one of the fastest known dog breeds on earth
Infographic of how fast a Boxer can run by Miniature Friends

Now, this might make you worried about not being able to keep up with your Boxer when running with them; well, Boxers can indeed run very fast, however, they are more sprinters than runners, meaning that they can only run fast for short periods!

If you plan on jogging or running alongside your Boxer, you have nothing to worry about.

Video of a Boxer running very fast!

Below is a short video from BoxerRex on YouTube showing their Boxer running faster than a truck. Rex notices the truck and explores, and then runs alongside the truck for a short period. This really puts into perspective how fast Boxers can run and it looks like he wasn’t even trying! Impressive.

Are Boxers good at running?

Not all dogs are good at running, but the same can’t be said about Boxers, as these super active dogs tend to be amazing at running and sprinting. Boxers are regarded as the athletes of the canine kingdom and keeping true to that idea, a healthy Boxer is a marvel of what dogs can achieve and are capable of.

Photo by Amber Turner on Unsplash

This fantastic dog breed originates from a now-extinct lineage of Bullenbeisser, a mix of mastiffs and English Bulldog. These dogs were specially bred for hunting down animals, and therefore they were naturally supposed to be good at running and chasing game animals like Boars, Deer, and even Bears in their prime (1).

This still holds true for Boxer dogs to this day since they are direct descendants of Bullbeissers. Therefore, boxers require daily exercise to keep them happy and satisfied, so if you have a Boxer or are planning on introducing one to your home, you will need to take them on regular walks and runs to keep them fit and healthy.

That’s the reason why we think that Boxer dogs are not for everyone, as most people are unable to meet their exercise requirements. A simple walk around the neighbourhood will never be enough for a Boxer, as they require at least two hours of exercise every day, whether this is split into multiple walks during the day or a countryside run.

Boxers are very adventurous, they like to explore new things, their surroundings, people and other dogs. You should be able to give your Boxer plenty of time off of their lead so they can explore and sniff around as they please, as should all dogs.

Why do Boxer dogs run weirdly?

Boxers love to run and play all the time and their bouncy energy may be mistaken for running weirdly, however, this is perfectly normal for a Boxer and this comes from the need to exercise and receive frequent attention.

As Boxers are very large dogs, they need to be exercised frequently and be kept in peak condition.

Due to their bursts of energy, this breed can come across as very goofy, given their unique personality to chase windscreen wipers, sitting strangely and the need to explore everything and anything. Boxers are super-loving dogs despite their goofy behaviour!

How far can a Boxer run?

Have you ever tried running for long periods of time? If yes, then you must be aware of the fact that stamina is as important as speed during a running session. The same goes for dogs and our Boxer friends as well. As mentioned earlier, Boxer dogs are bred for chasing down animals and hunting them. This is a very strenuous piece of work, and therefore boxer dogs have some of the highest stamina levels in the dog kingdom to fulfil this niche.

Boxer Running

A Boxer is capable of running for several miles in one go. But we advise owners to break the distance into segments and provide your boxer friend with some rest between those segments. This will help prevent them from suffering any injuries and fatigue.

Even though it’s known that Boxers can run up to a speed of 38 to 45 miles per hour, this doesn’t mean that they can consistently run that speed for long periods of time, that’s at their peak and when they try their hardest. A Boxer will be able to run at human speeds for long periods, so if you plan on running with your Boxer, you could expect them to run up to 4-5 miles per day with you. Boxers are super energetic and they love to run – so, if you have a chance, take them on a run with you!

Heavyweight boxers require more exercise and can run up to 6 miles per day, 3-4 times a week while they are training. This dog breed isn’t recommended for small families or people that have a busy schedule and don’t have time to exercise often.

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  1. It’s surprising how quickly a Boxer can run and I’m yet to come across any other dog breed that can run faster than my Bella! Good and informative post, a worthwhile read for anyone that’s considering welcoming a Boxer into their home.

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