How fast can a Maltese run?

How fast can a Maltese run?
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The Maleste breed is a loving, cuddly and very cute companion, and they will be sure to stand out in a crowd with their long, luxurious white coat. But are Maltese’s considered a sporty dog breed and how fast can they run? Well, surprisingly, they can run quite quickly given their little size!

The Maltese breed is a toy dog and as such, they have small legs which can be deceiving when you watch them run. Although they are considered to be a petite dog breed, their long-haired coat can give them the illusion of appearing larger than they actually are. They also have quite strong muscles, allowing them to move quickly and powerfully.

How fast can a Maltese run?

According to the American Kennel Club’s FAST cat program, the fastest Maltese on record was able to achieve a top running speed of 21.21 miles per hour – by a Maltese named Sawyer Brown.

The FAST cat program is a timed agility course that allows pet owners to measure their dog’s speed and agility. It measures a dog’s ability to turn, jump and weave through obstacles as well as running straight-line sprints. Given the amount of data, the American Kennel Club has regarding different breeds and their approach to data collection, it’s a good indication that this record is a reliable representation of the maximum speed that a Maltese can attain.

So while they may not be running marathons any time soon, it’s surprising to see that these pint-sized pups can move at such speeds! How fast your own Maltese is likely to run depends on how much exercise and training you give them. With proper conditioning, your Maltese can reach her peak running speed and give Sawyer Brown a run for his money!

What is the average running speed of a Maltese?

To date, there have been 11 total Maltese that has taken part in the programme, with a mixture of male and female dogs over the last couple of year. The average running speed of the Maltese breed is around 14.28 miles per hour which, while it is still quite speedy, is a lot slower than that of the record holder.

  • The average running speed of a male Maltese is 15.51 miles per hour
  • The average running speed of a female Maltese is 12.81 miles per hour

So if you’ve been wondering just how fast can a Maltese run? It’s clear that these adorable little furballs are capable of reaching quite impressive speeds. While the record for the breed is held by Sawyer Brown, there are plenty of other Maltese out there who can give him a good run for his money! So if you have a Maltese at home, why not try to find out just how fast they can go? You never know – your pup may be the next record holder!

Are Maltese good running dogs?

If the Maleste is considered healthy, then they can make for great running companions. As a toy breed, the Maltese do not have much body mass and so it is important to take their exercise regime slowly and build up endurance over time.

The Maltese loves to go for walks, as well as playing fetch and running in the park. As long as you keep an eye out for potential fatigue or dehydration, then your Maltese can become a great running buddy!

Is the Maltese breed right for me?

If you’re someone that enjoys intense physical activities and running, then the Maltese breed may not be the best choice for you. The Maltese are more suited for leisurely walks or light jogging sessions as they are a small breed with relatively short legs.

A Greyhound or a German Shepherd may be better suited for someone who wishes to run on a regular basis. However, if you’re looking for a smaller breed that can still keep up with your jog or even join in races while being a family-friendly companion, then a Maltese may be just what you need!

Just be aware that due to their size, Maltese can get tired more quickly than larger breeds, so it’s important to make sure that your pup is not pushed too hard and gets plenty of rest.

Conclusion: How fast can a Maltese run?

The Maltese are a small but mighty breed that can achieve impressive speeds. The fastest Maltese on record was able to reach 21.21 miles per hour and the average running speed of the breed is around 14.28 miles per hour.

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