How fast can a Rottweiler run?

Rottweiler running speed
Photo by Kevin Seibel on Unsplash

Rottweilers are known to be a fearless and highly dominant dog breed that have very muscular builds. Their appearance is highly impressionable and if you’ve ever seen a Rottweiler in person, you will know that they don’t show any sign of fear, especially when making eye contact with other dogs. They have been bred to be guardians to loved ones and property, and this is why they are known to be excellent guard dogs.

Given the size and build of a Rottweiler, it’s assumed that this dog breed can run at fast speeds, especially given that they are often used to protect property and scare away any potential unwelcome intruder. But how true is this statement and how fast can a Rottweiler run?

In this article, we cover in detail everything you need to know about a Rottweiler’s running speed.

Rottweilers running speed

Rottweilers can easily run at speeds up to 25 miles per hour, which is impressive given their bulky build. But in reality, their bulky form is the exact reason for them being able to run at such fast speeds in the first place. Rottweilers are incredibly muscular, and they put all their muscle density to good use while sprinting. These muscles are the reason why Rottweilers are able to form the required energy and power to run at such fast running speeds.

Due to their muscular and athletic build, Rottweilers can run between 15 and 25 miles per hour, making them a very fast breed. However, they struggle to maintain this running speed for very long and therefore, aren’t suitable for long-distance running.

Miniature Friends
Due to their muscular and athletic build, Rottweilers can run between 15 and 25 miles per hour, making them a very fast breed.
Infographic of a Rottweilers running speed by Miniature Friends

Video of a Rottweiler running very, very fast!

Here is a video from AllthingsRocco on YouTube showing Bruno, their Rottweiler, running up to speeds of 16 miles per hour! But as you can see in the video, Bruno ran out of energy in 15 minutes, this reinforces the message that Rottweilers aren’t suitable for long-distanced running.

Rottweiler running very fast!

What makes a Rottweiler run so fast?

Rottweilers have a very muscular build and at first sight, can seem quite intimidating, hence why they are often used as military dogs that work in service, and the police force. They are also used as guard dogs to protect property, to scare away any potential intruder.

Rottweilers are very smart and with the correct training, can be very playful dogs. But it’s important to establish leadership and relevant social skills from a young age. A good place to start is to teach a Rottweiler puppy basic training commands such as it’s name, how to sit and lie down, and over time, teach them more complex commands.

Given all of the above, you would naturally assume that this is a very powerful dog breed that can run very fast, which is very true, as they can run up to 25 miles per hour, but struggle to maintain that speed for very long. They are better suited for short distance runs, than long distances, as they lack the endurance to run for very long

Their powerful bodies allow them to accelerate and push themselves forward to achieve such high running speeds.

Do Rottweilers make good running partners?

No, Rottweilers do not make good running partners, as they lack the endurance to run at high speeds for very long.

They can accelerate quickly to achieve running speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, but this is only for a brief moment, as they will very quickly lose stamina from using their strength to accelerate quickly. Due to this, we wouldn’t recommend taking your Rottweiler on long-distance runs, and if you do take them with you, it should be for short distances only with plenty of rest breaks.

If you plan to go for a short light jog, then a Rottweiler could be ideal, but if you want to run longer distances, you may need to look towards a different breed, like a Great Dane or Greyhound.

Can a Rottweiler be taken on a daily run?

It’s not recommended to run with Rottweilers every day, as they aren’t typically known as everyday running dogs.

Picture of a Rottweiler
Photo by Kevin Seibel on Unsplash

Although Rottweilers are good at all kinds of exercise and don’t shy away from demanding activities, it’s not recommended to run with Rottweilers every day. The reason for this is because the breed is prone to hip dysplasia and other health problems, as a result of running too far or too frequently.

Rottweilers belong to the family of large dogs, and just like any other large dog breed, Rottweilers are highly susceptible to suffering from hip dysplasia. And extra hard exercises such as running tend to increase the chances of a dog having hip dysplasia significantly. You shouldn’t force running upon your Rottweiler and avoid taking them on frequent runs.

Do Rottweilers like to run long distances?

As you will know, there’s no way to directly ask Rottweilers whether they like to run or not, but we can make an educated guess! We don’t believe Rottweilers enjoy running and this isn’t only an opinion from us, but it’s a general consensus in the community. 

This may surprise some readers as Rottweilers are very active dogs and like to venture outside the home rather than chilling inside, however, they lack the endurance to run long distances and tend to burn themselves out when running.

Have a think about how your Rottweiler prefers to spend their time. Do they prefer chewing stuff and playing with their toys, or do they prefer running? Have you ever seen them run on their own in the garden or show signs that they would like to go running? Well, it’s very possible that they don’t. However, we don’t think it applies to all Rottweilers, some may enjoy running of course, but the general consensus in the dog community is that the majority don’t like to run.

This isn’t because of their big size, in fact, large breeds generally like running and seek great pleasure from being allowed to roam and run freely. Rottweilers have different personalities and mindsets, and can be very stubborn, which makes them opposed to the idea of running long distances.

If you are looking to welcome a dog into your home and haven’t yet chosen a breed, then we recommend considering a different breed if you plan to run with them.

Conclusion: How fast can a Rottweiler run?

Rottweilers are a very muscular, powerful and athletic breed that can run up to 25 miles per hour, however, they don’t enjoy running and therefore, owners shouldn’t force them to run long distances. Long-distanced running can make Rottweilers agitated and can even cause hip dysplasia, so care should be considered.

If you’re someone that would like to run short distances with a dog, then a Rottweiler could be ideal for you, but if you plan to run longer distances and would like a dog to take with you, then a Rottweiler may not be the best match.

How fast can a Rottweiler run?
How fast a Rottweiler can run by Miniature Friends
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