How Fast Can a Vizsla Run?

How fast can a Vizsla run?
Photo by Cole Wyland on Unsplash

Vizsla’s are an incredibly fast breed and given their size, are often used for sports and hunting purposes, but this doesn’t stop them from being one of the fastest dog breeds on the planet.

If you are thinking about welcoming a Vizsla into your home, or are curious to know how fast this breed really is, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will share everything you need to know about how fast a Vizla can run and the speeds of which this impressive breed can run at.

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How fast can a Vizsla run?

A Vizsla can run up to 40 miles per hour – close enough to the Greyhound who is able to run at 45 miles per hour, so Vizsla’s are considered fast, but certainly not the fastest. However, this speed is very impressive and is able to outrun a typical car doing 30 mph through a village and even Usain Bolt himself at his best.

The modern day Vizsla is able to run up to an impressive speed of 40 miles per hour – making it one of the fastest known dog breeds on the planet.

Miniature Friends

Vizsla’s are commonly known to make the list of one of the fastest dogs in the world.

Infographic of How fast a Vizsla can run by Miniature Friends

Video of a Vizsla running super fast!

Below is a video from Kelly LeBlanc on YouTube showing her Vizsla running alongside an ATV. Super impressive (watch out – the background noise in the video is very loud!)

A video of a Vizsla running fast next to an ATV

Why can a Vizsla run so fast?

The Vizsla dog breed originated from Hungary, and in the Hungarian language, ‘Vizsla’ means ‘Tracker’. It is one of the oldest European breeds among all the dog breeds and has faced extinction several times throughout history. 

Photo of Vizsla running
Photo by Cole Wyland on Unsplash

They are very energetic, and have a muscular and lean body, that allows them to run very quickly and propel them to high speeds in a short amount of time. Despite their tough look and eagerness to run and enjoy themselves, they are a gentle-mannered dog breed that’s suitable for families. They love to be around their humans and receive lots of love and attention – not something you would think from the first impression.

Their unique body structure helps them cover long distance running, which is great for an owner that likes to enjoy the outside and exercise frequently. Because of this, their energetic trait allows them to excel at hunting, sporting and retrieving activities.

Are Vizslas good running dogs?

Yes, Vizsla’s are known to be brilliant runners, due to their compact body structure, high energy levels and aerodynamic body, this helps them excel at running fast, jumping and navigating complex obstacles.

Vizslas are ideal companions for those that like to exercise frequently, as they love to run!

Below are some of the specific characteristics that make Vizsla’s able to run so fast.

Compact body structure

Vizla’s have a lean and compact body that helps them run very quickly, and their well-developed muscles and slender appearance gives them the acceleration advantage from the get-go. 

As they are considered a medium size dog breed, with a weight of up to 60 pounds and a height of 25 inches, they also have the height advantage that allows them to cover significant ground when running.

Body structure of a Vizsla
Photo by Cole Wyland on Unsplash

Moreover, if we talk about their coat, it is super light with short hair. So, the coat does not add any extra weight to the body of Vizsla, which also helps them in running fast. Generally speaking, the overall body composition of Vizsla aids them in the running and makes them stand out among all the other dog breeds. 

High energy levels

Vizslas are an energetic yet gentle-mannered dog breed and can use their high energy to propel them to superior speeds while running.  However, because of the high energy level intensity, Vizslas need to be able to use this energy properly, otherwise they may misbehave and try and release their energy in the home – this could result in spillages and them breaking things.

For this reason. Vizsla’s are not a suitable breed for those that don’t go outside often. They need a lot of space, plenty of exercise and a partner to run with them daily. Vizsla’s need to be exercised daily for at least an hour to receive the required mental stimulation and exercise they need.

Picture of a dog outside
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

It’s important to note that Vizsla’s are prone to hip dysplasia, resulting in inflammation and bone changes. Therefore, keeping a close eye on your Vizsla’s during times of increased physical activity is important. They require a lot of exercise but as with any dog breed, make sure not to over-do it. Every dog needs a break.

Bred to run and hunt

Vizsla’s have a fascinating history, their ancestors were previously known as hunting dogs across Europe, and were initially bred in Hungary to be used in hunting, sporting and fishing activities.

The Hungarian Vizsla is known to be a superior hunter that is able to chase their prey at very fast speeds, using their nose to navigate land and water, and their stamina to keep up.

Photo outside of a Vizsla
Photo by Norbert Buduczki on Unsplash

Their unique sense of smell allows them to easily follow a clear path while running at high speeds, and this allows them to hunt and retrieve items easily. They are a very well-disciplined, loyal dog breed that can be trained to be superior hunters, and they love to spend time with humans, so if you’re someone that wants a loyal companion to be by your side and help with hunting or sporting activities, a Vizsla could be an excellent choice.

Conclusion: How fast can a Vizsla run?

Vizsla’s are one of the fastest dog breeds in the world and are able to reach up to speed of 40 miles per hour.

They are a very intelligent, loyal and super active breed that love to run, play and hunt. Due to their superior stamina and persistent drive, they make an excellent choice for someone that engages regularly with outside physical activities.

How fast can a Vizsla run by Miniature Friends
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