How fast can a Whippet run?

How fast can a Whippet run?
Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

It’s known that Whippets are an incredibly fast breed and are true kings and queens when it comes to running at high speeds, if you’ve ever seen one in action, you’ll certainly question their abilities, as they are very, very fast runners!

Whippets have a long history of being trained and used as racing dogs. In fact, they were bred to be excellent running dogs, but how fast can a Whippet run and what speeds can we expect from this breed?

You’ve likely seen a Whippet on the beach, on a race track or while walking, they are certainly hard to miss, given their skinny bodies, but this is perfectly normal.

Let’s jump into the details about everything you need to know about a Whippets running speed!

Are Whippets really that fast? 

Yes absolutely, do not doubt the fantastic speeds that Whippets are able to hit, otherwise, you will be left in the dust.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Whippets are the merchants of speed as these dogs are made to be excellent at one thing only, which is running extremely fast.

Whippets are able to run up to a speed of 35 miles per hour, which is four times the speed of an average male human.

Whippets are able to run up to a speed of 35 miles per hour, which is four times the speed of an average male human.
Infographic of How fast can a Whippet run by Miniature Friends

So yes, Whippets can run very fast and you may be in complete shock at how such a small and skinny dog can run four times the average speed of a human, but this clearly demonstrates why Whippets are brilliant runners. To put that speed into perspective, a Whippet can run faster than an elephant and a horse, and even Usain Bolt couldn’t keep up with a Whippet.

Picture of a Whippet
Photo by Mitchell Orr on Unsplash

Below is a video of a Whippet running at full speed on the beach in Bournemouth, posted by Freddie the Whippet on YouTube.

This is why Whippets are so prized at race tracks all around the globe and why they enjoy so much fame and respect from dog lovers, because they are able to run very fast.

What makes a Whippet run so fast?

Whippets were undoubtedly made to be exceptional at running. But you may wonder what makes this breed run so fast.

Below are all of the impressive characteristics of a Whippet that allows them to run at incredibly fast speeds.

Strong and flexible spine

Having a strong, robust, and flexible spine is a must for dogs to achieve high speeds. During their sprints, dogs are bound to face bumps on the road, which can easily injure the dog. Therefore most fast running dogs, including the Whippet, have a flexible spine that is specially adapted to be able to absorb all the shocks and jolts caused by these bumps and during jumps.  

Aerodynamic body

If you have ever seen a Whippet, you will have noticed that these dogs are highly slender and lean; well, there is a good reason for that as slender bodies are much more aerodynamic and therefore perfect for minimising drag caused by air resistance during dashes and sprints. Whippets also possess very long and narrow snouts, which further helps them minimise drag and run faster.

Strong respiratory and cardiovascular systems

During strenuous activities like running, every cell in the body requires excessive oxygen to produce the necessary energy. Therefore respiratory and cardiovascular systems have to go on hyperdrive and provide the body with the required oxygen levels. Fortunately, Whippets are blessed with extremely healthy and strong respiratory and cardiovascular systems, which help whippets run at high speeds for long distances. 

Relatively long legs

Whippets actually have quite long legs relative to their body size. This makes them quite tall compared to most other dog breeds and gives them a good ground clearance. This comes extremely handy when running at 35 miles per hour as these long legs produce enough momentum and energy that helps whippets propel themselves forward.

Our summary on how fast Whippets can run

Whippets were certainly built for speed and are one of the fastest dog breeds on the planet … you shouldn’t underestimate them and if you plan to race one on the beach, you better be prepared to lose! 

Whippets can run up to 35 miles per hour on an average day and some have reported their Whippets to even reach speeds of 40 miles per hour, so even faster than expected in some cases! If you are someone that enjoys running, a Whippet could be an excellent addition to your home.

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