How fast can an Australian Cattle Dog run?

How fast can a Australian Cattle Dog run?
Photo of Australian Cattle Dog by Daniel Lincoln on Unsplash

Cattle Dogs are known to be excellent runners and tend to be owned by those who love staying active and enjoying the outdoors. This was a reason why a close friend of ours had chosen to welcome an Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) to their home, as they love being out and about and going for runs, hikes and bike rides! The Australian Cattle Dog could be a suitable breed for you too, if you enjoy outdoor activities, as this breed is a very fun, active, and loyal breed of dog!

If you plan to run or ride a bike alongside your Cattle Dog, then it’s essential to know their running speed.

The Australian Cattle Dog is known to be able to run up to 30.54 mph at their full sprint, however, on average, the speed is usually between 20 mph and 24 mph.

How fast can an Australian Cattle dog run?

The fastest Australian Cattle dog to take part in a professional running race was recorded running at 30.54 mph, by a bitch named ‘Rose of Earl’ that had taken part in the American Kennel Club’s FAST CAT programme. She is currently the fastest on record.

In second place, was also a bitch named ‘Timber Iselin’ who was able to run a top speed of 29.96 mph, so slightly below the fastest female on record. But surprisingly the first five fastest dogs are all held by a female candidate!

The fastest male Cattle Dog on record went by the name of ‘Snarlz Barkley’ and was able to achieve a top running speed of 29.21 mph.

What is the average running speed of an Australian Cattle dog?

The average running speed of Australian Cattle Dogs is 23.84 mph, with their full sprint speed being up to 30.54 mph.

It’s important to note that the running speed will vary depending on the breed, age, size and health of a particular dog. So if you plan to run or cycle alongside your furry friend, be sure to take these factors into consideration. Not all dogs are created equal!

The dogs that have taken part in the FAST CAT programme by the American Kennel Club are specifically trained to reach their peak running speed, so their normal running speed at home and in everyday activities would of course be slightly lower than this.

If your Cattle Dog hasn’t been trained to run professionally, then its running speed is likely to be a lot lower than the average, as those dogs that had taken part in the programme are specifically chosen for their running ability and tend to be some of the fittest and fastest dogs around!

What is the average running speed of a male Cattle dog?

The average running speed of a male Australian Cattle Dog is 24.25 mph, and are slightly faster than females, given their larger body size and muscular build.

However, as with all dog breeds, the running speed can vary day-to-day with lots of factors in play that can influence their speed, such as size, health and age. – an unhealthy dog is unlikely to run at the average speed, whereas a fit and healthy dog could reach the average, or even exceed it with the right training.

You shouldn’t expect your Cattle Dog to reach the average speed and it is not necessarily an indication that something is wrong if they don’t. The average running speed of an Australian Cattle Dog is simply a measure that has been taken from the records and results of those Cattle Dogs that have taken part in the FAST CAT programme.

What is the average running speed of a female Cattle dog?

The average running speed of a female Cattle Dog is 23.53 mph, so slightly slower than the males, as females tend to be smaller in size and build.

Interestingly, despite females being lower than males on average, females actually hold the top 5 spots for the fastest Cattle Dogs on record as part of the American Kennel Club FAST CAT programme. So, they certainly aren’t to be underestimated!

RankDog NameSexMPH
1Rose Of Earl FCAT2 DE DMABitch30.54
3Galaxy9s Detour To Keep Her FDC BCAT SWA SHDEE SEE SBE CGCBitch29.65
5HC Wiser’s She Turns’Em Heads At The Feed-N-Seed HSAdsc HIAdsc HXAs HXBd HXAdMcM CA BCAT RATN DEA DMX AMX AS TKNBitch29.35
Source: American Kennel Club FAST CAT programme

How long can an Australian Cattle Dog run for?

The Australian Cattle Dog can comfortably run for up to 10 miles, depending on their age, size and health, with some being able to run up to 15 miles with the right training and conditioning.

Cattle Dogs have a unique combination of strength and agility that will allow them to run long distances and further than other breeds, like the Belgian Malinois and Labrador Retriever. But all dogs need a level of rest and recovery time too, so it’s essential to not overdo their exercise! This could result in injury and exhaustion.

How much exercise does an Australian Cattle Dog need?

Australian Cattle Dogs were bred to be hard-working and full of energy and if you have one, or know one, you’ll know that they love big outdoor spaces so they can run, explore and socialise with other humans and dogs. It’s important that they have sufficient exercise every day to unleash all their energy and to stay fit and healthy.

Picture of an Australian Cattle Dog running around
Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

On average, Australian Cattle Dogs need around 90 minutes of continuous vigorous exercise every day, with a mix of activities such as running, playing and exploring – the more physical activity you provide for them in the form of playtime or hikes, the better.

Conclusion: How fast can an Australian Cattle Dog run?

The top running speed achieved by an Australian Cattle Dog in a professional running programme is 30.54 miles per hour, according to the American Kennel Club, with the average running speed of a healthy Cattle Dog being around 23.84 miles per hour.

Males are faster than females, with the average running of a male being 24.25 mph, and the average for a female is 23.53 mph. However, the top five fastest Cattle dogs are all occupied by females, so don’t be fooled by the size difference!

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