How Long do Beagles Live? 

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Dogs are just like the rest of our family members and therefore we can’t even begin to imagine a day without them. But unfortunately, none of us can fight the rules made by nature. Dogs have a far shorter life expectancy than humans, and therefore your pooch will most likely leave this world before you.

But still, it’s important to find out how long dogs can live. If you are an owner of a Beagle, then this article is the right place for you as we are going to answer the question of how long do Beagles live and their average life expectancies.

How long do Beagles typically live? 

On average, Beagles have a life expectancy of around 13 years. We can’t predict exactly how long your Beagle is going to live for, as there are so many factors in play and it will vary depending on the type of breed and how healthy the dog is, however, generally speaking, a healthy Beagle that receives the required nutrition and care can expect to live anywhere between 12 to 15 years.

Generally speaking, a healthy Beagle that receives the required nutrition and care can expect to live anywhere between 12 to 15 years.

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Generally speaking, a healthy Beagle that receives the required nutrition and care can expect to live anywhere between 12 to 15 years.
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There are lots of factors that can determine how long your Beagle will live, including how healthy it is, how often it’s walked and its diet throughout its lifetime, it’s very difficult to determine the exact life expectancy of a dog. There have been lots of studies of the lifespan of a Beagle but just because the average lives for 13 years, this doesn’t mean that will the correct care, your Beagle couldn’t live for longer.

Knowing the average life expectancy of your dog can be a reality check, as it’s very likely that we will outlive our dogs and it can be upsetting to hear! However, there are many ways that you can increase the life span of your Beagle and add a couple more years to your best friends life expectancy.

What can be done to increase your Beagle’s life expectancy?

There is a long list of methods proven to be effective in increasing the number of years a dog can live for, including Beagles.

Some of these methods are as follows:

Excerise them regularly

Make sure that your Beagle receives the required amount of physical exercise. This will help prevent your pooch from obesity. Obesity can cause a lot of damage by acting as a precursor to a plethora of chronic diseases. All of which can decrease your dog’s life expectancy by a long shot. 

At the very minimum, an adult Beagle should be walked twice a day for a minimum of 20-30 minutes each walk. If you have a puppy, then you should aim to walk your Beagle one mile per day that’s spread over several smaller walks.

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Walking your dog has numerous health benefits and it’s super important to ensure that your Beagle maintains a healthy weight, other benefits include improving their ability to socialise, improved cardiovascular fitness, stronger bones and muscles, positive mental well being, lower blood pressure and decreased stress. There’s simply no benefits if you don’t walk your dog. If you’re keen to increase your Beagle’s life expectancy, exercising regularly is a great place to start (and the most important).

Provide your Beagle with healthy meals every day

Make sure to provide your Beagle with a nutritious and balanced diet. Dogs depend on their diet to be able to obtain all the necessary nutrients they require for their well-being. That’s why it is essential to keep their meals as healthy as possible.

A mistake most dog owners make is by buying budget dog food to avoid breaking the bank, however, if you feed your dog unhealthy foods, this will only lead to increased costs and complications later down the line through hefty vet bills. You should invest in top quality, healthy foods for your dog over the long term and you’ll be better off financially, plus, your dog will be healthier and happier too!

Neuter your Beagle

Having your Beagle neutered or spayed by a professional can significantly increase your dog’s life expectancy. This also helps enhance your dog’s immune system.

Keep your Beagle on a leash

Always keep your Beagle on a leash while walking or during running sessions, as they are very fast dogs and like to wander. This will help protect them from other dogs and accidents. Most dog-related accidents happen during walks as dogs like to chase after anything that moves, and they may come into contact with another dog that’s anti-social. That’s why you should always keep your dog on a leash and don’t assume every dog is well behaved.

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Vaccinate your Beagle 

Ensure that your Beagle is fully vaccinated. Proper vaccination goes a long way in making sure that your dog’s immune system is capable of defending against various pathogens.

Protect your Beagle from smoke

Keep your Beagle as far away as possible from any sources of smoke. Long-term exposure can cause severe respiratory diseases in dogs, and this can drastically reduce your dog’s life expectancy.

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