How Much Exercise Does Your Corgi Need?

How much exercise does a Corgi need?
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In this quick and easy-to-read article, we will shed some light on how much exercise your Corgi will need to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Ready to be shocked? According to a recent survey done in order to gauge the obesity rates of American dogs, around 56% of dogs suffer from high obesity in the USA, which means that around 45 million canines are considered overweight in the USA. 

This is definitely an alarming fact and shows how common obesity really is in dogs. That’s why we think that exercise is a must for dogs and could make you start thinking about whether you are exercising your Corgi as much as you should be.

Let’s get into the detail of how much exercise a Corgi needs.

Why is exercise important for Corgis? 

Let’s first discuss why there is an immense need for an exercise routine in order to keep Corgi as happy and healthy as possible.

Corgis are classified as a long back, dwarf dog breed, and therefore they are already at risk of developing conditions like chronic back, joints, and hip problems. Being overweight puts extra pressure on their joints and makes them even more susceptible to various joint problems. Too much weight can also cause their joints to start fracturing.

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This, added with the fact that obesity in itself often acts as the cause of a long list of severe and life-threatening medical problems, makes a proper exercise routine all the more important for the well-being of Corgis. Obesity can cause Corgis to have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart complications, kidney-related disorders, and complications in the digestive system. 

That’s why Corgi owners need to keep them far away from being overweight at any cost.

How much exercise should I give my Corgi?

The amount of exercise your Corgi requires in order to stay healthy depends greatly on their age. Puppies have drastically different exercise needs than their adult counterparts. That’s why it’s important for owners to know the difference in exercise needs of Corgis based on their ages. 

Exercise needs of Corgi Puppies

A Corgi puppy should be walked for 5 minutes per every one month increase in their age, this means that a 5-month-old puppy should receive 25 minutes of walking time.

Picture of a Corgi puppy
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As far as puppies are concerned, owners should keep one thing in mind that puppies are still in their development stages, and therefore it’s better not to force any strenuous exercises on your Corgi puppy. Any exercise that may cause them to jump hard or exert a lot of pressure on their bones should be avoided. That’s why we think that playing frisbee with your puppy might not be a good idea. 

As far as walks are concerned, a general rule of thumb states that you should make your puppy walk for 5 minutes per every one month increase in their age. This means that a 5-month-old Corgi puppy should receive 25 minutes of walking time. Owners must keep an eye for any signs of exhaustion and fatigue in their pups and should immediately stop the walk if their puppy shows such signs.

Exercise needs of Adult Corgi dogs 

Adult Corgis should be walked for at least one hour per day. If we were to go by the 5-minute rule for every one month increase in their age, 60 minutes of walking time would mean that the Corgi is of at least 12 months of age. 

Picture of an adult Corgi
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In our opinion, Adult Corgis are the healthiest when they get to walk for around an hour every day. This makes sense as Corgis belong to the herding group of dogs and therefore are full of stamina and energy. Adult dogs will naturally require more walking time than a smaller dog, and this exercise could involve walks in the park, playing ball, frisbee or going for a run with their owner.

Regular exercise will help keep your Adult Corgi in shape and keep them happy and healthy, all dogs need to be taken outside of the house because sitting inside for long periods is very dull and boring. It also helps keep you active and healthy too, so there are perks on both sides.

How far can a Corgi walk?

Corgis can walk between six and eight miles at a moderate pace, however, you should always stop in between walks to give them a chance to rest and recover.

You should always wait until your Corgi reaches 12 months of age before taking them on more rigorous walks to ensure their bones are properly developed.

Over-walking your Corgi will result in exhaustion, mobility issues and problems with their bones, so you shouldn’t over-extend a walk or get them to walk for long periods more than they are used to. 

Can you run with a Corgi?

Yes, you can run with a Corgi as they are super athletic and full of stamina, however, we suggest keeping your runs short, as they have little legs. Corgis are a short breed but they certainly don’t lack energy or muscle to be able to run, but they may struggle running long distances due to their small legs and bones.

We suggest jogging short distances with your Corgi.

Is jumping bad for Corgis?

Yes, jumping can be bad for Corgis as they have very fragile backs and jumping too high could damage their sensitive bones. It’s not recommended to encourage your Corgi to jump off high places, such as from the top of a sofa or a bed.

If your Corgi were to jump from high places to the floor, the sudden impact could damage their legs and cause issues in later life with their bones.

Is it bad for Corgis to jump off the couch?

Corgis are very energetic and full of energy so it wouldn’t surprise us to hear that your Corgi has jumped off the couch once or twice, or has attempted to. When Corgis jump they tend to carry the weight of their bodies in front of them, so when they do jump from high places, all of their weight will go to the front and onto their little legs.

We wouldn’t suggest letting your Corgi jump off the couch, especially if they are under 6 months of age as their bones are still developing.

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