How to keep your dog cool in the summer

How to keep your dog cool in the summer
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In the summer, it’s a natural feeling to be excited about being able to go outside in the sun with our dogs, without having to wear multiple layers of garments and to go on long walks, runs and hikes with our best dog friends. However, if not managed correctly, being in the sun can cause exhaustion and heat stroke, especially if our dogs are exercised often in overwhelming heat, which raises the question of how we can keep our dog’s cool during the summer.

In this guide, we’ve got together the best ways by which you can easily keep your dog cool at home, to avoid symptoms of dizziness, drooling, restlessness, increased heart rate and in severe cases, vomiting.

As dog parents, we need to make sure we understand the impact the summer has on our dogs, and to take the necessary steps to avoid any complications and to keep it fun for our furry friends. 

How to keep your dog cool

Below are some excellent ways by which you can easily keep your dog cool at home.

  • Encourage your dog to sit in well-shaded areas and on tiled flooring
  • Get your dog a gel mat
  • Put damp towels on the floor for them to lay on
  • Consider a pool in the shade to help keep your dog cool
  • Treat them to cold treats and dog-friendly ice creams
  • Ensure cold water is always easily accessible
  • Get a garden sprinkler that they can walk in front of to get splashed by cold water
  • A fan could help cool down your dog

What you should avoid to help keep your dog cool

Here is what you should be avoiding to help keep your dog cool in the summer:

  • Leaving your dog in the car (big no no)
  • Not having water accessible at all times
  • Walking them in the heat for long periods
  • Not having access to shade while outside

Signs and symptoms that your dog is overheated

Heat stroke is a common issue in the summer for dogs and something that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as heat stroke can be fatal. 

Below are some of the signs of a heatstroke in dogs:

  • Heavy panting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Vomiting
  • Drooling
  • Reddened gums
  • Lack of coordination or loss of consciousness
  • Collapsing
  • A rapid pulse
  • Glazed eyes

If you suspect that your dog is having a heatstroke, you should stop exercising immediately and give them a break. If symptoms persist, consult a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Tiled floor can help keep your dog cool

Have you ever found a dog (or your dog) lying on the kitchen tiles during a hot day? Well, the reason for that is quite simple. Tiles being made up of ceramics stay cool for very long. This results in tiles having a soothing and cooling effect for dogs. That’s why we recommend dog owners have a spot in their house, made up of tiles just for their four-legged best friends. This will greatly help in keeping dogs nice and cool during extreme summers. 

Tiled floor to help dogs keep cool
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If you don’t have tiles in your home, or aren’t planning to make the renovation soon, you could always consider gel mats that are made for pets, as these have the same cooling effect on your dog. Gel mats for dogs can be purchased through websites like Amazon, eBay or your local pet store. They can also be used in dog crates and in the car to help keep your dog cool throughout the day, as well as in the garden. Make them as accessible as possible in your home so your dog can use it whenever they please.

Consider a pool to help keep your dog cool

Chilling in a pool is the best way to stay cool and calm during summers – it’s the go-to for us humans and the same goes for dogs,  and therefore we recommend dog owners provide their dogs with pools to keep them cool.

Dog cooling down in pool
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You don’t need to invest in a big pool, or have a dog-specific one, but there are some brands that offer special, portable pools that’s designed for dogs. This makes it easy for you to take in the car, to the beach and when you are out and about with your dog during those hot summer days.

A pool is an immediate reliever of heat exhaustion and you should make sure to place the pool under a shade and change the water regularly, as it will likely pick up bugs, flies and other mites throughout the day. It’s also essential for dog owners to keep an eye on their pups while they enjoy the pool, as not all dogs are good at swimming, and you shouldn’t ever leave them unattended, especially if there is lots of water. If you have any concerns or aren’t sure if your dog can swim, you should consider a smaller pool, like a toddlers pool, so they are safer.

The pool doesn’t need to be big, but enough for them to dip in their toes and lay down to cool off.

Treat your dog to an ice cream or cold sorbet to help keep them cool

Sorbet of all types and especially raspberry sorbet can be amazing treats for our four-legged best friend as they are full of fruity nutrition and have a cooling effect that can make your pooch very happy in summer. That’s why Sorbets are so popular amongst dog owners as they are the perfect treats for dogs in the summer. Another great perk about raspberry sorbet is that it is free from dairy products, making it entirely safe for lactose intolerant dogs. 

Dog ice cream is also another great choice that will help keep your dog cool in the summer, and makes an excellent treat on a day out. However, due to the high dairy content, they shouldn’t be given it often, as they are weaned as puppies, so they lose the enzyme required for their bodies to digest the lactose in milk. Ice cream should be an occasional treat on a summers day.

Cold treats can help keep your dog cool

You can treat your dog to frozen treats to keep them cool and happy during the summer. All you got to do is mix water with your chosen dog food and freeze it. After that, break the frozen mixture into small pieces and offer it to your dog. They’ll love licking the cold treats and will keep them entertained for a few minutes.

Provide your dog with cold water throughout the day

The easiest and most important way of keeping your dog cool at home is by making sure that they are well hydrated and have access to cold drinking water at all times throughout the day. This will help prevent the symptoms of dehydration, which is quite common in extreme summers.

Dog drinking water to keep themselves cool
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Conclusion: How to Keep Your Dog Cool In the Summer

It’s super important to keep a close eye on our furry friends during the summer, as they don’t like to quit or rest when it’s needed, and they can be very stubborn at times and push their limits. If they show any signs of exhaustion, you should take them inside to cool off and immediately stop any exercise.

As dog parents, it’s our duty to make sure they are safe and to provide them with adequate water and shade during the day. You could even make their day and provide them with a pool to splash in and give them an ice cream (or two!).

How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer by Miniature Friends
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