How to Train a Beagle Not to Bark

How to Train a Beagle Not to Bark
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Beagles have earned their place in the hearts of many dog lovers worldwide due to their friendly personalities and loving nature. There are hundreds of reasons to love a Beagle and maybe a couple more, but one thing that doesn’t go in their favour is their instincts to bark at inappropriate times.

In this article, we cover everything you need to know about how you can train your Beagle to limit their barks and any strategies you can apply to stop them barking altogether or less frequently.

Why do Beagle’s bark?

It’s a natural instinct for dog’s to bark and below are some of the reasons why they do it.

  • They are bored. Dogs crave attention and they can bark to get that attention, so if they find themselves extremely bored and unproductive, they may result in barking in the hope that something good or exciting happens.
  • They are frightened. Dogs don’t like the unknown and if they sense that something bad is going to happen, they will bark to let everyone know. This is why some dog’s bark when a doorbell goes off or when someone walks past the window.
  • They feel something bad is going to happen. If your dog senses something bad is going to happen or they are under threat or others around them, they will let you know by barking. They hope that by barking the threat goes away. As an example, when the postman comes along and puts a bunch of letters through a door, dogs aren’t too sure what it is, so they bark. 
  • They feel lonely. Some dogs don’t like to be left alone and they will howl or bark in the hope that they get back to their owners. Dogs are super sociable animals, especially Beagles, so being left alone may make them feel unhappy, irritated, frightened and lonely and as a result, they may bark to get their owners attention.

How do I stop my Beagle from barking?

To stop your Beagle from barking you should ignore their barking and not make eye contact, keep them busy or distracted and remove the motivation for why your Beagle feels the need to bark.

There are lots of ways you can stop your Beagle from barking and the internet is full of ways that promote to do that. But it’s hard to decide which method might work for your dog and which might not, every dog is different and this doesn’t change just because your dog is a Beagle. At times, you may feel hopeless and out of ideas of how to stop your Beagle from barking, and it may seem like their barking is just part of who they are, but it can be controlled with the right training.

Picture of a Beagle
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We have included a few easy steps by which you can stop your Beagle from barking unnecessarily, however, these steps will apply to all dogs and not just Beagles. It’s important to understand that the process will take time but with consistency and discipline, you can successfully train your Beagle to not bark as often.

Here are some ways to help stop your Beagle barking:

Ignore the barking and don’t make eye contact

Why do dogs really bark? If your answer is to get attention, then you are 100% correct. Dogs love getting attention from their favourite humans, and that’s the biggest reason why they start barking without any reason. The most practical way to curb this habit is to ignore your dog’s calls for attention. Dog owners must make sure never to show any response to their dog’s barks, as otherwise, dogs can register their barks as a sure way of getting their owner’s attention. As long as you are sure that your pooch is far away from any danger, you must make sure that you never react to their barks in any manner.

Beagle being ignored
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If they are a frequent barker or you have previously shown any attention to when they bark, it may take some time for this technique to adjust their behaviour, but with consistency, they will get the hint. It’s the same for dogs that bark when they are left alone in the house while their owner isn’t there, after a while, they stop barking, as they know that their owner won’t return any sooner, or mysteriously come back when they bark, so they stop altogether as it isn’t worth their time. If you don’t see results from this straight away, give it some time and resist the urge to tell them to stop, as they will show that they have got your attention if you do.

Keep them busy and distracted

Dogs like to bark when they are bored, so if you keep them busy with something to do, they’ll likely forget to bark and be oblivious to what’s happening around them. You can entertain them by giving them a bone to chew or playing fetch, if you suspect a barking episode (i.e. doorbell is about to ring) you can deliberately keep them occupied while the situation cools down.

Beagle distracted with toy
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Remove the motivation to bark

The easiest way to stop your Beagle barking is to remove the motivation, this means that if your dog barks at people walking by the window, or seeing other dogs outside, you could close the curtain. If they can’t see the threat or distraction, they won’t be able to retaliate and bark.

The same goes for distractions in the garden, if your dog barks at passing birds you can bring them inside to help them calm down before then letting them outside again, and by that point, the birds would’ve flown past.

How do I get my Beagle to stop barking on command?

Below are some commands you can teach your Beagle to help them stop barking.

Teach them the speak command

Beagles are also good watchdogs and this means that they may bark to notify you that someone is at the door, or they are attempting to scare any potential intruder away from their home. The barks aren’t meant to be to receive treats or attention from you, rather alert you that someone is nearby. That’s why we recommend that dog owners condition their canines not to react to such stimuli. You can do this by training your Beagle to react to the “speak” command. You should offer your Beagle a treat whenever somebody rings the bell.

This way, not only do their fears of strangers ringing the doorbell steadily vanish over time but using the speak command before giving them a treat will also let them know they are only supposed to bark when asked.

Teach them the quiet command

Teaching your Beagle the quiet command is an effective way to tell them to stop barking.

When they do bark, say the “Quiet!” command over and over again until they stop. The moment they stop barking for any reason, make sure to reward them with a treat, and this way, they will learn the meaning of the Quiet command over time and realise that when you say Quiet, they should stop barking.

Make sure to look directly into your Beagle’s eyes when using the Quiet command so they know that you are speaking to them directly.

Top tips to help train your Beagle not to bark

Below are some of our other tips that will help if you plan on training your Beagle not to bark.

  • Don’t reward them for barking. This is a pretty obvious one but if you reward your dog for barking, this will encourage them to bark even more, as they will expect a treat in return. 
  • Don’t shout or tell them off when they bark. Barking is a natural habit within dogs that is used to defend their territory, alert their owner and to scare potential intruders away. You shouldn’t shout at your dog or scare them but with patience, consistency and the correct training, you can train your Beagle to reduce the frequency of their barks or to not bark at all. Some dogs can even think that you are joining in with their barking, so it could also send the wrong message.
  • Keep your training sessions positive. Dogs love to be rewarded with tasty treats and love from their owner, if you want to stop your Beagle from barking, you’ll need to be consistent with your training and make it a positive training experience for your dog. This will boost the chances of the training being successful. Beagles make excellent dogs for first time owners but the time needs to be taken to properly train and discipline a Beagle.
  • Avoid activities that scare your Beagle. Dogs have a tendency to bark when they think something is wrong or to get someone’s attention, however, there are cases where dogs also bark because they are scared and worried. As an example, if a dog’s owner was to jump into the water, their dog may likely bark to signal to their human that they could be in danger and to go careful. Avoid activities that scare your dog while you are training them not to bark in certain situations, this will only scare them and encourage barking.
  • Exercise your Beagle as much as you can and keep them busy. Some dogs bark when they are bored and trying to get others attention, if your dog isn’t exercised regularly or taken outside of the house, they may bark out of boredom. Keep your dog entertained and exercise them regularly to maintain a positive mental wellbeing and a healty lifestyle, too.
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