Ways to Surprise Someone With a Puppy

Ways to surprise someone with a puppy
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Everyone loves puppies (even if they don’t know it yet) and surprising someone with a puppy is the ultimate gift, and one that will be treasured for a lifetime. If you’re thinking of ways to surprise someone with a gift they will never forget – a puppy could be the solution.

Welcoming a puppy into a life is a super exciting event and one that will change their lives forever, and gift giving is always tricky, since there are so many things to think about and we are always under tremendous pressure to deliver and make sure that the gift is perfect for our loved ones.

That’s why we think gifting a puppy is the best thing you can do, as almost everyone has a sweet spot for puppies.

Below are some cute and fun ways to surprise someone with a puppy

Here are 7 easy ways you can surprise someone with a puppy:

Hide the puppy in a box

One of the best ways to surprise someone with a puppy is to put them in a gift box.

As puppies are rather small you could quite easily find a big enough box at a gift shop, and it’s very safe, as long as the box has enough air ventilation. 

Puppy gifted in a box
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The trick is not to tell them what’s inside the box (as with any other gift) and let them find it out on their own. Make sure to wrap the gift box in pretty wrapping paper and decorate the box with ribbons, stickers, and cards. This will act as a perfect way to hide the fact that there is a cute, bubbly and tiny puppy in that box. Your loved ones will be extremely surprised and excited on opening up the box and will surely appreciate the surprise more than your expectations.

One thing to keep in mind is that the puppy’s safety always comes first, and therefore you must make sure to make enough holes in the box for proper ventilation. Also, don’t forget to place some treats and a water bowl in the box for the puppy (if it’s big enough).

It would be wise to not leave the puppy inside the gift box for very long as they may have trouble breathing.

You could invite the person receiving your gift over to your house, and a few minutes before they arrive, put your puppy in the box and surprise them! This way, the puppy isn’t inside the box for very long.

Hide the puppy in the house

Want to make your loved one is the happiest they have ever been? Then we suggest that you start planning a fabulous scavenger hunt. It would be best if you hid different clues and riddles at different spots in the house. Make sure that riddles aren’t impossible to solve, and every clue or riddle must lead to the next clue.

Finally, the last clue must lead to the location of the puppy. Make sure to hide the puppy in a safe place with ample food and water. Throw in some toys as well to make the puppy feel more comfortable. 

Puppy in house ready to surprise someone
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Another great addition that you can make in this plan is to include small, cute, and meaningful gifts with every clue or riddle. This will greatly increase the fun factor of the scavenger hunt and will also help keep your loved ones engaged in the game.

Hide the puppy in the car

Another fun way to surprise someone with a puppy is by putting the puppy in the car.

Ask the person you plan to surprise to get something from the car or go to the nearest store to get some groceries. This way, they won’t expect any surprises while they go to their car. This will make the moment incredibly magical as they will be dumbfounded, surprised, happy, and excited to see a puppy sitting there in the car.

Puppy hiding in car ready to surprise someone
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Make sure to keep the air conditioning running while the puppy is in the car and leave some toys and treats with the puppy to keep them entertained.

Lastly, don’t leave the puppy in the car for more than a couple of minutes, as they will become very worried and they could overheat if the car is warm.

Plan a surprise visit with the puppy

A surprise visit is always a good approach as it’s unexpected.

This could include taking your new puppy to the receiver directly, and giving them a shock visit by allowing the puppy to walk into the house with you, or alone!

Surprising someone with a puppy
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Another option could be to go to their house when they aren’t home (organise with their parents or other half to let you in) and then leave the puppy in their living room and wait for them to get back!  

Surprise them with a puppy at the airport

Is the person you want to surprise with a puppy going on holiday anytime soon? You could surprise them at the airport when they get home! They won’t ever expect this as it’s a very unusual place to give someone a gift (let alone a puppy).

You can not only provide them with a warm welcome home, but introduce a new puppy into their life at the same time!

Wake them up with kisses from the puppy

You could always consider sneaking the puppy into your home in the early morning to surprise the receiver with puppy kisses as they wake up!

This is a tricky one to coordinate as you will likely be very tired in the morning and the receiver (may be a boyfriend or girlfriend / husband or wife) may question where you are. But you could leave the puppy overnight at a friend’s house and then pick the puppy up before the big surprise! 

This will no doubt cause A LOT of happiness and they will be ecstatic. What a great way to start a morning!

Have the puppy wait for them at home

Another alternative to surprising someone with a puppy could be to organise for the puppy to be at their house before they get home from work. This will no doubtedly be a huge surprise for them and they won’t ever expect it, especially if they’ve had a hard day at work – it will be the ultimate stress reliever!

You could also plan this if they pop out of the house to go shopping or something, but it may be more difficult if they aren’t out for very long and you could risk them coming home sooner when you aren’t prepared!

We hope you have enjoyed these quick, easy ways to surprise someone with a puppy – if you have any other suggestions or ideas, leave a comment below – we would love to hear!

Should you gift someone a puppy?

Unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer to whether you should gift someone a puppy, but according to Pets at Home, it should depend on the individual’s circumstances and whether they are at a time in their life to support a new dog.

If you are considering giving someone a dog as a gift, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Pets can be a lot of work, and not everyone is prepared for the responsibility of taking care of a dog. You shouldn’t just assume that they are ready, as this could result in them abandoning or putting the dog up for sale later.

Before you make the decision to surprise someone with a puppy, ask yourself these questions:

  • Does the person have enough time to take care of a puppy?
  • Can they afford to feed and care for a puppy?
  • Are they able to stay at home with the puppy during the day?
  • Will a puppy fit in with their lifestyle?
  • Will their job interfere with raising the puppy?
  • Do they have any allergies or other health concerns that would prevent them from owning a puppy?
  • Is the person ready to commit to taking care of a puppy for the longer term? 

These are important questions to ask yourself before deciding to purchase a puppy for someone else, as a dog’s average lifespan, according to RSPCA, is 11.9 years. So it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly!

Conclusion: Ways you can surprise someone with a puppy

A puppy is the ultimate gift and one that the receiver will treasure for a lifetime, so if you’re thinking about gifting someone with a puppy then good on you! You just need to ensure that they are ready to welcome a puppy into their life, as introducing a puppy into the home is a huge lifestyle change.

But if you feel they are ready and have given lots of hints that they would like a puppy … it’ll be the best gift they’ve ever received. 

You just need to think about how you will surprise them, so we hope this article has helped!

Good luck!

Ways you can surprise someone with a puppy
Ways You Can Surprise Someone With a Puppy By Miniature Friends
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