What is a White Crusty Dog?

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If you’ve ever heard the saying “white crusty dog” then you may have wondered what it means. I had no little ideas when I first heard it too. Well, it’s quite simple and the answer is relatively straightforward, a crusty white dog is exactly what it sounds like – a white-haired pooch with hard, crusty patches on its skin. Duh!

Dogs that have white crusty skin will usually have white or silver fur and patches that stick out and make them appear crusty, which can look cute, but crusty white dogs are a nuisance, given that they scratch and bite their skin. As with any consistent action against a body, this will cause irritation and discomfort, so you may need to take them to see a veterinarian if they do show signs of discomfort, otherwise, it could lead to problems. In the short term and long term!

What is a White Crusty Dog?

A White Crusty Dog is a white-haired dog that has crusty patches on its skin and is relatively small in size. They can be of any breed, but generally have white and/or silver fur with patches that look crusty.

These dogs are usually known for their friendly nature, but they do need more attention than other breeds due to their white crusty skin. Regular baths, using a gentle shampoo and conditioner, will help keep their coat clean, tidy and healthy. Brushing their fur daily and using a moisturizer can also help with the white crusty patches, as it helps to keep them soft and supple.

I think white crusty dogs are adorable little pooches that need extra love and attention in order to stay healthy and happy, so if you’re looking for a sweetheart pup and are willing to put in the extra maintenance effort, then white crusty dogs could be a perfect choice. But it all depends on the individual!

What do White Crusty Dogs look like?

White Crusty Dogs are usually white or silver-furred dogs that have patches of crusty skin on their bodies, that usually occur around the ears, eyes, mouth and paws. The white crusty patches can range in size and shape, but they are usually quite noticeable and can make the white crusty dog particularly distinguishing.

Photo of a crusty dog
Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

There isn’t a particular breed of white crusty dog; they can come in any breed and size, however, they are usually smaller than average-sized dogs.

Do White Crusty Dogs make good household pets?

Yes, in fact, any dog breed will make a lovely addition to your home, but white crusty ones will require more maintenance and upkeep given that they have white crusty skin. You will need to care for them to ensure their skin remains healthy and happy, but other than that white crusty dogs will make wonderful companions. They are family-friendly and loyal little pooches that will love spending time with their owners and making new friends.

How can I care for a White Crusty Dog?

Crusty White Dogs require more attention than other breeds of dogs, as their skin requires regular maintenance to help prevent any further white crusty patches. It’s also important to make sure that they are comfortable in their skin and that it doesn’t become sore or itchy.

Here are a few tips for caring for your white crusty pup:

Bathe them regularly

Use gentle dog shampoo and conditioner to keep their white fur looking clean and luxurious, not only will this help keep them smelling nice, but it will also help reduce any irritation and keep their skin intact. We recommend consulting with a veterinarian or pet store to help determine the type of shampoo your dog needs, as they may require specialised formulas.

Try not to over-bathe your dog too much, as this could cause even further irritation for their skin!

Brush them daily

Brush their white fur every day to prevent tangles and knots from forming, as white fur tends to be particularly prone to this. It will also help reduce any white crusty patches and keep them looking healthy, supple and refreshed.

If you don’t brush them often, the issue will only exasperate and the patches will become thicker and more prominent. You’ll want your dog looking fine and dandy!

Moisturise them

To help keep white crusty patches at bay, apply a gentle moisturizer to your pup’s white fur every other day. Doing this will help protect their skin and keep it healthy, supple and free of any crusty issues that may arise. You can get some from your local pet shop or an online store, like Amazon.

Keep their environment humid

A warm, humid environment will help keep them comfortable as white-crusty dogs tend to suffer from dry skin. As with any medical condition that is exasperated by dry conditions, like dry eyes, the environment will only make things uncomfortable and more noticeable (2).

We have a humidifier in our home and it works a treat to help keep the environment moist, but a humidifier does require regular maintenance in filling it up and making sure it’s kept clean – otherwise, it will just be another item on your list that causes crustiness!

Here are some other ways to keep your environment humid with a white crusty dog in the home:

  • Leave wet clothes to hang inside the house
  • Leave a bowl of hot water out near radiators or heaters
  • Close your curtains and blinds at night time to help trap moisture inside
  • Keep windows closed when bathing or showering
  • Leave the water in your bathtub or shower after you’re done
  • Add some plants to your home
  • Cook without the lids on so the moisture is released into the environment
  • Leave the water in your bathtub or shower after you’re done
  • Open the dishwasher when it’s done so the moisture doesn’t escape

But you shouldn’t have too much moisture in your home, as this can cause mould and bacteria to build up which can be harmful if too much. Not just to your dog but to you too, so be careful.

Are white crusty dogs suitable for families?

Yes, white crusty dogs can make excellent family pets and you shouldn’t feel discouraged despite their high maintenance. As long as you keep their white fur clean and moisturised, they should be just fine!

As with most family dogs, they are super loyal and protective, and this doesn’t change just because the dog is white and crusty. In fact, because they require more attention they tend to have a closer bond with their family as they feel that you truly care for them!

So don’t be scared off by white crusty dogs; if anything, you should embrace it and use this opportunity to bond closer with your pup! They will love all the extra fuss and cuddles they get. After all, white crusty dogs aren’t just white and crusty, they’re beautiful too!

Would I consider adopting or buying a white crusty dog?

Would I consider welcoming a crusty white dog into my home, or even adopt one? Yes, I would! I like a dog that needs extra care and attention, it’s cute, plus, I don’t mind the extra maintenance that comes with it. But that’s just me. I’m sure our miniature dachshund, Tilly, would love their company.

I think that if you are someone that’s very fussy and likes to keep things clean and have a simple maintenance schedule for your dog (or none at all) then white crusty dogs may not be the best option! However, if you don’t mind a little extra effort and are willing to go the extra mile for your pup, white crusty dogs might just be perfect!

Conclusion: What is a White Crusty Dog?

I hope I have outlined everything for you in this article, from the white crusty dog breed to their grooming needs. Remember, crusty white dogs don’t require any more effort than other breeds – just a little extra attention and care! With regular brushing, moisturising and keeping their environment humid, you should have a healthy white-crusty pup in no time – plus, they require more cuddles too! So an excellent addition to any family or a much-needed companion for a single person.

At the end of the day, white crusty dogs are incredible companions that are loyal and protective. They may have white crustiness on their fur but they’re still beautiful canines. I think anyway!

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